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Are you dissatisfied with your current work or life?

Do you want to upgrade your professional skills and make a greater impact?

Are you looking to train as a Life or Health Coach & earn extra income?

If so, welcome–you’re in the right place!

We help motivated people like you become highly effective Certified Coaches.


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5 great reasons to choose Human Potential Coach Training

4-in-1 Training1

4-in-1 Training

Should you train as a Life Coach, Health Coach, Performance Coach or Personal Development Coach? With Human Potential Coach training you don’t need to decide. We teach you all four!



If you are motivated to be the best Coach you can be and want to charge a premium rate, an International Coach Federation (ICF)-Accredited training is a must. We've got you covered!



If you fully engage with and complete the entire training and decide not to graduate as a Certified Human Potential Coach we will refund 100% of your tuition fee. No questions asked.



Our flexible, modular training format allows you to start your training online and attend the 2-day workshop at a location and date convenient to you. Your training is complete within just 8 months!



Become part of an incredible community of over 1000 students and Coaches. Tap into life-changing business opportunities and friendships. Belong to a network of like-minded people!


Head of the Human Potential Institute
Dr. Mark Atkinson

Head of the Human Potential Institute

Dr. Mark runs the hugely popular Human Potential Lab, the personal development program for our students.

Head of Coaching Faculty
Rod Francis

Head of Coaching Faculty

Rod is the co-creator of Human Potential Coach training and a highly-experienced ICF-credentialed Coach.

Senior Coaching Faculty
Ronit leMon Drobey

Senior Coaching Faculty

Ronit is a ICF-Certified Professional Coach with 20 years of teaching and coaching experience.

Coaching Faculty
Sherry Trebes

Coaching Faculty

Sherry is an ICF-credentialed Human Potential Coach with 12 years + of coaching experience.



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Wondering whether we are a good fit for you? Hear what our Graduates have to say

Melina Vicario Melina Vicario

Melina Vicario

Buenos Aires, Argentina

There are 3 main things that make Human Potential Coach Training unique: learning directly from the father of Biohacking, Dave Asprey, the quality and relentless commitment of the training faculty and the tribe and community. The training allowed me to deliver the first Biohacking seminar of Argentina and to become a Biohacking influencer in Latin America. I strongly recommend this program!

Radhika Mukhija Sud Radhika Mukhija Sud

Radhika Mukhija Sud

Austin, TEXAS

Coach Training program was beyond what I expected and perfectly aligned with my values and holistic philosophy, with the integration of the mindfulness based training - which was my favorite part of the program. It was a notch above all of my previous trainings. I’ve since had the honor of guiding busy, professionals and entrepreneurs around the world to a superior state of wellbeing, cognitive performance, and inner bliss.

Cari Rosno Cari Rosno

Cari Rosno

Des Moines, Iowa

I am often asked my thoughts on the coaching program. My initial response is always "It was not at all what I expected, but so much more than I could have asked for." Through the presence based orientation of the program and education around holistic living I not only regained my health, I am a better leader and owner of a marketing firm who has now started a second business.

Emily Baker Emily Baker

Emily Baker

Los Angeles, California

It’s not an exaggeration to say that coach training transformed my life. My career as the District Attorney of LA county left me sick and burned out. Human Potential Coach Training taught me how to heal from the inside out. After becoming a certified Coach I quit my job, started my own company and now have the energy to live the life I was looking for.

Sasha Hanna Sasha Hanna

Sasha Hanna

Santa Monica, California

This training program was one of the most transformative experiences that I have done. This taught me how to live in such a way that is masterful with my true “self”. Operating from a state of presence is the truly sane way to live and the way to bring about a new earth, and upgrade humanity. The time is now—Live totally, live intensely, and live dangerously!

Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson

Johannesburg, South Africa

I have just completed my first ever formal coaching session with my first ever client. I’m exhausted, elated, excited and petrified all at the same time. Through this experience I have realized what a massive responsibility it is and what a gift it is to be a Human Potential Coach.

Lisa Honeywell Lisa Honeywell

Lisa Honeywell

Houston, Texas

I have tremendous respect and admiration for the Human Potential Coaches that have come before me and those that will follow. The skill and ability to be present while coaching my Clients is truly an inspiring and cherished gift. Peers experienced their own incredible and unexpected breakthroughs during our coaching sessions. My Clients have attested to the powerful impact and effectiveness of genuine mindful coaching.

Dayne Barkley Dayne Barkley

Dayne Barkley

Melbourne, Australia

The skills and knowledge I've obtained from the Human Potential Coach training course are unlike any other. I was finally able to effectively implement a daily meditation practice into my life thanks to the 8-week Mindfulness Training, sharpen and improve my skills as a Coach and person, all with an incredibly supportive team and network at my fingertips. I am truly grateful for my experience.

Bianca Capo Bianca Capo

Bianca Capo

Charlotte, North Carolina

The Human Potential Coach Training is one of the most incredible programs to increase your skillset as a Coach and reach your potential as a human being. The teaching staff is incredible!! Thank you for shifting my consciousness and giving me the tools to help others do the same.

Maria A. Petit Maria A. Petit

Maria A. Petit

Miami, Florida

The Human Potential Coach Certification is an Inner Growth Journey to which I invite anyone who is up for the challenge. Irrespective of whether you are interested in working in the coaching field, you will gain valuable insight about yourself through the process. The course will stretch & move you in ways you didn't know were possible!

Joel Aylworth Joel Aylworth

Joel Aylworth

San Francisco, California

From the 2-day workshop alone, I learned so much about myself and my level of presence and how I show up in the world. The more I practiced the coaching skills and really actually listening to people instead of always preparing my response, I felt like I was almost living in another dimension of reality.

Most people are bumbling along with busy lives and are missing the deeper levels of connection that are out there. Powerful stuff—and for this I will always be grateful.

Alexia Bjarkan Alexia Bjarkan

Alexia Bjarkan

United Arab Emirates

When the Coach Training program launched, I jumped at the chance to participate. The Bulletproof Diet saved my life, and I see it as a great honor and mission as a Human Potential Coach to help others reach their potential too. I quit my corporate career in 2016 to pursue this passion. It is incredible to see the same transformation in my clients. I love watching them shed weight and start feeling great about themselves. And from there, create lives that they truly love!

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